Appadurai Audio

June 15, 2009

Here is the recording from the recent Arjun Appadurai opening speech from HKW coference Beyond Multiculturalism

Beyond?! and where? Multiculturality blog has a nice review of the event


Harun Farocki: Image in Violence

April 27, 2009

julia wrote: ‘around 40min. farocki makes the point about the use of re enactement strategies nowadays
by pointing at that it is often defended and used as the only mimesis possible to get access to realism.. which can/shall be criticise..some interestings connections are made between participation and

Spivak Other Asias, Butler Frames of War, Audio of Lectures, Berlin Feb 2009

April 21, 2009

Gayatri Spivak – Other Asias February 14 2009 Berlin WIKO

Judith Butler – Frames of War – February 2009 FU Berlin

The rest of the audios from On the Idea of Communism

April 19, 2009

Finally lernt how to upload streaming audio. Here is the rest of the conference:


00:00 Alessandro Russo “Did the Cultural Revolution End Communism?”

40:55 Alberto Toscano “Communist Power / Communist Knowledge”

01:16:50 Antonio Negri “Communisme: reflexions sur le concept et la pratique”

01:54:00 Discussion

On the Idea of Communism (Saturday)


07:00 Terry Eagleton “Communism: Lear or Gonzalo?”

35:08 Jacques Ranciere “Communists without Communism?”

01:10:00 Alain Badiou ”Communism: a generic name”

02:12 Discussion

On the Idea of Communism (Saturday 2)


03:44 Slavoj Zizek “To begin from the beginning over and over again”

55:40 Gianni Vattimo “Weak Communism?” 01:34:50

Judith Balso “Communism: a hypothesis for philosophy, an impossible name for politics?”

Concluding Debate

On the Idea of Communism (Sunday)


Peter Hallward – Communism of the Intellect, Communism of the Will

April 18, 2009

Bruno Bosteels – The Leftist Hypothesis: Communism in an Age of Terror

April 18, 2009


April 18, 2009