about counterrealism

The counterrealism group for thinking and making is an art making platform where one of the aims is to look at the way the ‘real’ is conceptualized in the writings of the philosophy of science, social critique and postcolonial theory.

What are the consequences of thinking about the ‘real’ as socially constructed or as structurally unknowable for the politics of emancipation? Can such questions reinvigorate the thinking of history, social relations and modernit(ies)? Possibly. Except for the Badiou and Butler texts the readings will be in English and will include the selections from:

Alain Badiou, The Century (Chapter 11, 12, 13 – Avant-gardes, The infinite, God and Man)

(Dipesh Chakrabarty, Chapter 2 of Provincializing Europe. Postcolonial Thought and Historical Difference Chakrabarty II Histories of Capital

Dipesh Chakrabarty joined our group in May 2009 to talk about his work.

Judith Butler, Körper von Gewicht

Roy Bashkar, from the ‘Critical Realism essential readings

Hamid Dabashi, Close Up. Iranian Cinema: Past, Present and Future

21st June, 8pm- Third Session – Screening – Samira Makmalbaf. ‘Blackboards

The project is an opportunity for a critical overview of the texts through a discontinuous and intense process of close reading and debate. We also want to organize an expanded series of seminars and film screenings that might continue to take place in SOSE 2010.
If you have ideas for the reading group or the film screenings, write us an email and propose a session.

Gatherings will take place in Berlins. Please write us for times and locations:



Humboldt University of Berlin 2009.



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