a (non) formalist film or a play i’d like to make one day


the cast and stage directions:


thebes and oedipus (both at the same time):


Reading greek tragedy through marx e.g. as the allegory of capitalist s collapse under the weight of its own contradictions.

The forsaken u.s. military radar i. e. the pinnacle of overproduction, hedonism and imperialism is the blinf oedipus And the buerocratic strong hold of creon 

creon himself: image (or visibility, perceptibility, and..the ‘human animal’ ?)

polynicessound (and how do the unburried dead sound? Maybe, various ‘ internationals’ slowed down  to the point where its just an indesernible, inhuman sound  playing at the same time out of  sync)

ismene: time (her indecisiveness makes the film go on)

chorus: nothing (absent) no morality

antigone: montage (only one cut , every image is contained within the other before antigones  act)

and i want another character to appear after the cut

the raven from passolini’s  ‘the hawks and the saprrows’ to walk inside of the derelict radar interiors

starts in 1.3 minutes
he will say something wise and silly and look out of  the window
and there will be all the multitudes of people from the anti G20 anti Nato
protests marching together

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