The rest of the audios from On the Idea of Communism

Finally lernt how to upload streaming audio. Here is the rest of the conference:


00:00 Alessandro Russo “Did the Cultural Revolution End Communism?”

40:55 Alberto Toscano “Communist Power / Communist Knowledge”

01:16:50 Antonio Negri “Communisme: reflexions sur le concept et la pratique”

01:54:00 Discussion

On the Idea of Communism (Saturday)


07:00 Terry Eagleton “Communism: Lear or Gonzalo?”

35:08 Jacques Ranciere “Communists without Communism?”

01:10:00 Alain Badiou ”Communism: a generic name”

02:12 Discussion

On the Idea of Communism (Saturday 2)


03:44 Slavoj Zizek “To begin from the beginning over and over again”

55:40 Gianni Vattimo “Weak Communism?” 01:34:50

Judith Balso “Communism: a hypothesis for philosophy, an impossible name for politics?”

Concluding Debate

On the Idea of Communism (Sunday)



6 Responses to The rest of the audios from On the Idea of Communism

  1. t.enerio says:

    I apologize if I am overlooking something which may be obvious, but I am unable to preview the audio recordings of the Communism event posted on your esnips account. I believe that this is because I am using an Apple and the files appear to be in WAV format. Is there any chance that you could make them available in another Apple-compatible format?

    Thank you

    • bricolagee says:

      Hello, im not what is meant by preview’, the link links out to this esnips webpage and then there is a mediaplayer bar which plays it.

    • bricolagee says:

      oh, just read the second half of the message, because of the apple thing. Wouldnt know how to Change it into Apple compatible format, dont have any conversion programmes. Sorry

  2. Bartleby says:

    Is it possible to get downloadable versions of these files?

  3. Bartleby says:

    Oops, I didn’t know that one needs to register before it’s possible to download files in esnips. Well know I know. Anyway, thanks for posting these.

  4. safe says:

    ensips downloader program is blocked by NOD32 – “multiple threats”

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